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Gabriela's Creative Vision: From Childhood Drawings to Luxury Fashion

In the world of luxury fashion, every creation tells a story—a narrative of passion, innovation, and artistic evolution. One such story is that of Gabriela, the visionary behind Eskandur. Her journey from childhood fascination to becoming a renowned designer is a tale that embodies the essence of creativity, dedication, and a commitment to crafting luxury that transcends time.

A Childhood Ignition of Imagination

Gabriela's relationship with fashion ignited at an early age, driven by an innate curiosity and a vivid imagination. As a child, she found herself captivated by her parents' unique way of dressing, a flair that set them apart in their neighborhood. Their ensembles, distinct and unparalleled, created a canvas of creativity that would later shape Gabriela's artistic sensibilities.

Her journey into fashion began with an innocent spark—one that saw her transform her sister into a living canvas for her imaginative designs. Armed with fabrics and an unwavering enthusiasm, Gabriela sketched her first creations on her sister's body, marking the genesis of her creative voyage. The joy that radiated from her sister as she adorned Gabriela's designs was the pivotal moment that awakened her lifelong passion for fashion.

A Transformational Path

As Gabriela's journey continued, her passion for fashion led her to diverse experiences that sculpted her unique perspective. From designing for her sister and friends to pursuing a career as an architect, her evolution was guided by a relentless pursuit of beauty, authenticity, and the desire to express herself through artistic creation.

It was her background in architecture that provided her with a unique lens through which she viewed fashion. The intersection of structure, form, and functionality in architectural design inspired her to approach fashion with a similar holistic perspective. This fusion of disciplines would later become a defining element in her creations, setting them apart in the world of luxury fashion.

The Source of Creative Fuel

For Gabriela, inspiration is drawn from the world around her, resonating with the intricate beauty of life's narratives. She finds herself captivated by artists such as De Heem, Kadinsky, Yves Klein, and Tadao Ando, delving into the roots of creativity and expression. Her designs reflect not only the aesthetics of these inspirations but also the emotions and stories they evoke.

Literature, non-fiction, and cultural experiences all contribute to the wellspring of her creativity. Museums, with their ability to transport visitors to different worlds and eras, offer her a unique source of insight and stimulation. The Guggenheim, Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, and Museo Tamayo in Mexico City are a few of her favorites, each leaving an indelible mark on her artistic identity.

Designing with a Purpose

At the heart of Gabriela's design process lies a commitment to purposeful creation. Every piece she conceives is not merely a garment but a vessel of empowerment, designed to make wearers feel confident, capable, and authentically themselves. This philosophy aligns with Eskandur's ethos of crafting luxury that goes beyond appearances, empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness.

Her designs, even in their structured form, embody a poetic essence. Gabriela believes in fostering a dialogue between the wearer and the design, creating a journey through different eras and emotions. The tactile experience of the leather, meticulously crafted, evokes stories that resonate on a profound level, deepening the connection between the wearer and the piece.

A Legacy of Luxury

As Gabriela's journey continues, her influence on luxury fashion grows stronger. Her creative vision has blossomed from childhood drawings into an extraordinary legacy of timeless elegance. From her humble beginnings of sketching on her sister's body to becoming a celebrated designer, Gabriela's evolution serves as an inspiration to creators and enthusiasts alike.

With each creation, Gabriela weaves a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and aspirations, delivering luxury that encapsulates the essence of artistry. Her designs stand as a testament to the power of passion, imagination, and the belief that every piece of clothing can tell a unique and captivating story.

In the world of Eskandur, Gabriela's creative journey is more than a biography—it is an embodiment of the brand's philosophy. Her designs, infused with authenticity and purpose, continue to captivate and empower, bridging the gap between childhood dreams and the pinnacle of luxury fashion.

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