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Our Story of Artisanal Luxury

Crafting Sustainable Elegance with Passion and Precision

Experience the allure of mindful luxury with Eskandur, a brand that embraces sustainability as the essence of true elegance.

Introducing Gabriela: Architect, Visionary Designer, and Mother of Two

Gabriela, an architect and devoted mother of two, possesses an innate fascination for observation. From the minute intricacies of landscapes to grand structures, her keen eye enriches her creative imagination. As an architect, Gabriela's vision centers on crafting human-centric, glamorous, and aesthetically pleasing spaces that blend details, textures, colors, and scents harmoniously. Now, she channels this visionary essence into every Eskandur product, creating a fusion of exquisite artistry and functional luxury.

Meet Julien: Aerospace Engineer and Leather Enthusiast

With several years dedicated to business jet development, from conceptual design to the first flight test vehicle, Julien's passion extends beyond engineering. He embraces altruism, humanism, and a profound appreciation for culture and the beauty in life's smallest joys. An avid traveler and leather enthusiast, Julien's vision aligns perfectly with Eskandur's commitment to care for the planet and create luxury products that transcend expectations.

Eskandur: Where Aerospace Engineering Meets Architectural Finesse

In 2019, a powerful synergy between Julien's aerospace engineering and Gabriela's architectural finesse culminated in the birth of Eskandur, a true luxury brand built on three unyielding pillars: Innovation, Sustainability, and Performance. With a shared passion for craftsmanship and an unwavering eye for detail, Eskandur embarked on a journey to redefine popular leather luxury goods. The first chapter, unveiled in 2023, introduced game-changing aprons and Garment Bags, setting the stage for a remarkable future in the world of genuine elegance and refinement.

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