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Eskandur - Our Brand's "Reason for Being"

Experience the allure of mindful luxury with Eskandur, a brand that embraces sustainability as the essence of true elegance.

Eskandur's journey began in 2019, a voyage that was not rushed but meticulously crafted over three years to bring forth the world's finest aprons and garment bags. Step into the world of luxury craftsmanship, sustainable fashion, and artistic innovation as we delve deep into the captivating narrative of Eskandur. Gabriela and Julien, the creative minds behind this remarkable brand, embrace their roles as disruptors, where aerospace engineering meets architectural finesse, challenging conventional boundaries and transforming aprons into coveted fashion statements. Their visionary designs embody audacity and empowerment, leaving an indelible mark with unique features.


Design Beyond Conventions

The inception of Eskandur was driven by their desire to do things right, starting from a blank sheet, and create a positive impact. Their focus on perfecting both design and sustainability was paramount. Their journey began with a clear and refined design approach, avoiding any patchwork gimmicks. Their designs and the "One size fits all" concept pushed them to incorporate multiple parts, held together with straps and the required size adjustments. Each product undergoes the moulage technique, ensuring a three-dimensional fit that harmonizes comfort and style. And then came the pivotal decision – no visible back stitches or leather undersides; they opted for full leather lining. This dedication to detail and innovation defines Eskandur's unique identity in today's luxury landscape.


Craftsmanship Unparalleled

Crafting an Eskandur product is akin to sculpting a masterpiece. Their dedication to perfection is evident in every stitch, every fold, and every edge. Meticulous precision is the hallmark of Eskandur's craftsmanship. Custom leather and casting hardware molds are used to create gold plated pieces that are nothing short of unique expressions of luxury. But what truly sets Eskandur apart is their unwavering commitment to tradition. The double turned edges technique, eschewing shortcuts like painted edges, exemplifies their dedication to long-lasting luxury. Eskandur products are more than just possessions; they are heirlooms in the making, destined to be cherished across generations.


Sustainability at the Heart

At the core of Eskandur's ethos is sustainability. They've not only embraced it; they've woven it into the very fabric of their brand, going to the market with the World's First Luxury Aprons with Chemical-Free Leather Edges. Their commitment to sustainability prioritizes the health, safety, and rights of the employees, the community, and the environment in which they operate, along with the well-being of workers in their supply and distribution chains. Moreover, their approach extends to their materials - Petrochemical-Free Textiles are a testament to their eco-conscious mindset. Eskandur isn't just crafting luxury; they're crafting a sustainable future.

In a world that often chases the latest trends, Eskandur stands still, offering something timeless. It's a brand that believes in fashion as an experience, not just an appearance. Eskandur is an invitation to experience mindful luxury, to wear a piece of art that not only adorns your body but also connects with your soul. It's an affirmation that true luxury doesn't just look good; it feels good, and it's good for the World. Eskandur is a testament to the transformative power of sustainability and craftsmanship. It's a celebration of timeless luxury, where every piece tells a unique story, and every design captures the essence of mindful elegance.

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