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Press Releases: Redefining Sustainable Luxury

Explore the latest accolades and media coverage at Eskandur's Press webpage. Discover our press releases, showcasing our innovative approach to luxury craftsmanship, sustainability, and design innovation. Stay updated with the latest news and accolades, celebrating Eskandur's commitment to a greener future and empowering a new era of sustainable luxury

Best Gift for Executives AWARD

Robb Report


Interview with the Creative Minds behind Eskandur

Luxuria Lifestyle International


Skin is In

Upscale Magazine

August - September 2023

Golden Goddess

Private Air Magazine

July - August 2023

Eskandur's Exquisite Collection of Luxury Leather Aprons

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK


Embrace Luxury and Elegance with Eskandur: Unveiling Exquisite Leather Creations

Upscale Living


Experience Unmatched Luxury and Protection With Eskandur's Premium Luxury Leather Garment Bag

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK


Poesía al paladar por Jascive Sánchez

Marie Claire México, May 15th 2023

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